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Name:Ruthanne "Rue" Collins [Hunger Games AU/OUaT]
Location:Storybrooke, Maine, United States of America
An orchard worker in her small village in the kingdom of Panem. Caught foraging for food to feed her five younger siblings, an offense punishable by whipping, Rue was saved by the intervention of King Coriolanus. He offered the young girl a position in his palace as a servant and companion for his granddaughter in exchange for the safety and survival of her family. Left with no other choice, Rue left with him for the Capitol that very day.
Separated from her five brothers and sisters after their parents' death in a house fire, Ruthanne Collins was adopted by prominent Storybrooke businessman Marcus Rose. While for appearance's sake Rose plays the doting guardian to Rutheanne, in truth he treats his granddaughter far better.
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